A one man games company based in the UK, working with some talented freelancers. When people ask me why I left my job in the games industry to work on my own games, I quote Robert Frost:

"Two roads diverged in a wood,
and I ... I took the one just covered with brambles,
Got covered in cuts and barely made it out alive."

This Merchant Life

Out now!

Travel and Trade

Traverse the medieval kingdom of Peregrine, making a profit wherever you go! Buy grain in the argricultural hub of Lancer then sell it for a profit in the mountainous settlement of Burnish.
Plan your route carefully - the roads can be dangerous

Recruit a variety of heroes to protect you and make sure you get your goods to their destination

Pay for Protection

The roads are dangerous to travel, especially when you've got a cart full of valuable goods. Hire fighters to accompany your caravan as it makes its way through the kingdom, fight off attacks from bandits and wildlife.

Upgrade Your Cart

Beginning with a ramshackle old trade cart, you will be able to slowly outfit it into a state of the art vessel of commerce through upgrading the wheels, structure and horses.
Upgrade and customise your cart

Make life and death decisions. Sometimes involving ants.

Make Decisions

As you explore the towns of Peregrine and the lands in between you will regularly be confronted with choices and will have to deal with their consequences.

Now out on Steam!